Adult Learning Opportunities

Sunday Mornings

All of our adult opportunities are always seeking new faces and new perspectives.  Please feel free to visit and try out any class that is being offered.

The Messengers Class 9:30-10:15amRoom 111:   Class members rotate class leadership, and discussion is an important part of the learning.  A class offering covers the cost of study materials.

Come Join Us Class 9:15- 10:00amRoom 205,  Parlor:  Discussion is an important part of this class, involving various curriculum on a quarterly basis.  On the3rd Sunday each month, the class meets at Perkins Restaurant for breakfast.  A variety of class social activities are held at 4-6 week intervals.  A class offering covers the cost of study materials, and the group averages 15-20 members.  The class is currently studying the lectionary scripture text that will be presented during Sunday morning worship.

The Open Door 9:15-10:00amRoom 305, Balcony:  This is a class with varying attendance but always lively discussion. Class discussion often moves beyond study questions to related broader topics and expanded conversations. The class is using the Faithlink series which is a downloadable curriculum that is emailed to participants each week.


Other Adult Learning Opportunities

Young Adults:  Watch the bulletin and the newsletter for updated information.

Women’s Thursday Morning Bible Study:  This lively and energetic group meets in room 205 at 10:00 am. The primary focus of this study is an examination of Sunday’s upcoming lectionary scripture texts. This class uses the Disciplines Devotional book.